DYI: Dating Book

Elle recommended a book to me, because her best friend Chaz, gave her the book in hopes that this book will change her out look on dating. Elle swears that this will change everything for me.

So, I read the 100’s of RAVE reviews and everyone loved it. A “must read, eye-opening experience” they say… So, I went out and bought the book last week.

I have to force myself to pick up this book and just read it. I don’t remember much about the book;  I’m not even half way into it and this should tell me something – I’m not interested in what the author has to say to me.

BUT – Elle told me I have to read this book and it will change my life – I’m going to try and re-read it from the very beginning.

Oh yes – the book is called: Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough by Lori Gottlieb.

Catchy title, eh?

Here goes nothing…

– Julia

He/She Loves me not…

You can’t force things to happen if it isn’t meant to happen.
My sister, Elle is in love with a man named Jason, who isn’t in love with her.
Elle and Jason were co-workers in New York City. She found him attractive, but there’s something about short bald men that does not appeal to me.
They’ve flirted, chatted and slowly that working relationship grew into something more but nothing came of it.. They’ve never dated, never had sex…never anything!
Elle is your semi-typical type A personality. What she liked most about Jason was that he would “put her in her place”, tell her “no” and wouldn’t allow her to always have her way.
I think when Jason realized that he had that power over her, he started to treat her like shit. And Elle allowed it to happen and forgave him for what he did, thus starting the sick cycle of verbal and emotional abuse. 
The cosmic powers that be, God, Fate, whatever you may believe in is telling you “NO” that’s not the right person for you, but we try even harder to get it. We get our hearts broken and shed our tears over someone who was nothing, who never even loved you.

– Julia